My Green Tea Blog

I actually wanted to learn more about Green Tea and it's wonders.  My primary purpose for this is for me to harness the full potential benefits from taking or drinking real green tea.  One by one, I intend to answer my very own questions.

As my guide, I will be using the following as my guideline:

  • What is green tea?
  • How does it differ from the other types of tea?
  • How to prepare green tea at home?
  • Are there any green tea related culinary recipes?
  • What are the specific contents of green tea?
  • What are the health benefits of green tea?
  • Can it be used to cure a disease or illness?
  • How good are green tea supplements?
  • Are green tea weight loss supplements for real?

Or anything that would ever pop-up in this green tea mind of mine.

Again, above little list list is just a guideline for me and not a limitation.  As much as possible, I will pour in what I would discover along the way.

Come with me.... share with me... in this world of my green tea journey.

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