Health Benefits of Green Tea

Weight loss has been the most popular health benefit that we can get from Green Tea.  It is know to be used as a healthy diet drink that is very suitable for any weight loss program.  In fact, green tea diet drinks has been infused in most detox diet programs.  The health benefits of green tea does not stop with weight loss only.  There are a lot of other purposes that we can have from green tea.

Below are some health benefits and facts about Green Tea:

♦ Green tea leaves, with its Epigallocatechin gallate or better known as EGCG, may be able to kill cancer cells without disturbing the surrounding cells and tissues.

♦ Aside from the above, EGCG also helps with step-up the 24-hour energy outflow of the body.

♦ Green tea reduces the risk of strokes

♦ With its poly phenol content, green tea helps our body produce extra heat and burn calories.

♦ It has a favorable effect on hypertension

♦ It has also great favorable effect on LDL cholesterol (Low-Density Lipoportein) and thus reduce the risk of coronary heart disease and atherosclerosis.

♦ Green tea carries catechin polyphenols.  Simply called catechin, this can help delay the reaction of gastric and pancreatic lipases which is responsible for converting calories into fats

♦ Furthermore, catechin helps you fight the bacteria that causes food poisoning and eliminate the toxins these bacteria produced.

♦ Catechin is able to help us to stop cancer cells from further growth.

♦ Green tea contains caffeine in moderate quantity, which works as an appetite suppressant (high quantities of caffeine, for example in coffee, can cause medical problems including hyper tension and insomnia)

♦ Green tea is also good for maintaining good oral hygiene. It contains fluorine, which prevents cavities. It also carries ingredients which suppress plaque formation and bacteria which cause bad breath

♦ Green tea contains polysaccharides and other ingredients that helps a lot  lower our blood sugar

♦ With its Vitamin E (anti oxidant) content, green tea slows the aging process

♦ Having read all of the above, green tea is definitely good for your heart.

♦ It helps improve our immune system.

♦ For more than a thousand years, the Chinese people had been using green tea as home remedy for headaches, stress and even depression.

♦ Green tea diet supplements and drinks have certain compounds that helps in our body's thermogenesis.

♦ These compounds increase your body’s regular metabolism and also suppress the appetite. This is why it is considered a great diet inclusion

♦ Another type of green tea called mega-T green tea contains a high amount of green tea extract which helps a lot in lessen but not losing your appetite.

♦ Taking fewer calories usually means you have lower energy levels. This means you won’t have any energy to do your weight loss exercises. But green tea contains guarana, which is a well known energy booster

♦ Adding Siberian Ginseng in your green tea gives you a lot of stamina for hard work.  The more stamina you have, the more work you can do.

♦ Green tea is one of the best tonic energy boost!

♦ Most green tea packages come with diet suggestions in the box which, are the original methods of weight loss

♦ Based on a study published in Phytomedicine journal, people who take green tea extract as weight loss supplement ideally lose about 2½ pounds a month.

♦ There is no such thing as a complete diet miracle.  Just like others, green tea diets work best together additional efforts for work outs and diet consciousness.

♦ Weight loss experts, professionals and dieticians all agree that green tea weight loss supplements dearly help the us in his continuing battle for a toned body

♦ Among the major supplements world wide, green tea extract is the most prominent of the major supplements available on the market.

♦ Tea in general and Green tea specifically has been used as a remedy for indigestion, depression and headaches.

♦ Green tea weight loss supplements are considered the best organic alternative to weight loss supplements

♦ Green tea weight loss supplements come in standardized tablets or in capsule forms

♦ The suggested types of green tea weight loss supplements to take are those with 90 mg of EGCG and 50mg of caffeine.

♦ Green tea weight loss supplements are normally taken three times a day before meals

♦ Even if taking green tea weight loss supplements have no known adverse side effects, it is still advisable to  chat with your doctor before taking it.

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