Types of Green Tea Product Nowadays

Being a very popular form of dietary supplement in the market nowadays,  Green Tea has become a  very famous non-medical alternative.  Some says, "A cup of green tea a day, keeps the doctor away".

Unfortunately for others who are very busy with their working schedule, having a relaxing time to take a copy of relaxing green tea becomes time consuming if not impossible.   And because of this, the health industry has developed a couple of green tea products so that we can have our daily green tea dosage in an easier and less time consuming ways.

Here the the types of green tea products available in the markets nowadays:

Green Tea Extract
Green tea extract is packed with a more potent amount of nutrients and antioxidants.  That  is exactly what we are looking for in green tea products - it's health benefits.  So, with green tea extract, you can go wrong.  This green tea extract comes in a concentrated liquid form.  Just like other liquids, you can add this to everything from bread, to drinks and beverages.  And you can even add it to you relaxing home spa bath.   Just don't forget, green tea extracts are a little too strong.  So be sure to use the correct amount.  Or maybe just dilute it a bit when you use it.

Green Tea Diet Pills
For the diet conscious persons, green tea is most popular being a dietary supplement.  As a number of medical studies and experiments done, green tea can really help in burning more calories.  Hence, it helps a lot in weight loss programs.

But then again, busy people cannot take a cup of green tea every now and then.  So there you go, green tea diet pills are born - a great alternative.

Green Tea Gum
If you like wrigley or double mint gum, then you will love this one.  Chewing gum looks cool.   And it freshens your breath as well.  For people like these, a green tea gum or green tea chewing gum can be an awesome idea!

Nowadays, you can just grab a packet of green tea gum from the dietary aid corner of your favorite grocery store.  Sometimes, you can just pick it up in the cashier's counter of your local health food seller.  Moreover, green tea chewing gums are infused with mint or strawberry or orange flavors.  So, you can look cool with these gums.  And more importantly, you get the benefits of green tea in a much cooler look!

Cool and healthy!  Sounds great to me!

Green Tea Mints
Some people likes candies more than chewing gums.  And some like to have their candies to be chewy like mints.  So there you go, green tea mints were made just for these people!  The same green tea in a different form.

So, who needs a cup of tea when you can still have green tea in the form of green tea extracts, green tea pills, green tea chewing gums and green tea mints?

Just one thing, be sure to ask your pharmacist about this.  Or just do a little research on green tea.  If you have read this, then you doing good!

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